Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday 11-1-17

Happy day after Halloween!  How’s your sugar headache?  Hopefully you were able to refrain from too much candy.  We only had two, yes two, trick-or-treaters this year so we have way too much sweet stuff sitting around the house.   We actually just threw away some candy from last year!  I guess my sweet tooth can’t  be that bad if candy has lasted the entire year without getting eaten.

This week I have changed up my normal full body workouts to muscle specific.  I really wanted to focus on the muscle groups because I feel like I have been a little lazy at the gym lately.  My favorite workout was this leg workout.  It definitely challenged me and left me a little sore.  You know it was a good leg workout when sitting on the toilet is a struggle!  Enjoy you workout!


5 min walk to warmup

Walk at 3.5 mph at 7-10% incline for 20 minutes.

5 min walk to cool down

Circuit 1:  Complete 4 sets

Front Squats with Dumbbells – 12 reps.

Rear Lunges with Dumbbells – 12 sets each leg.

Sumo Squats with Dumbbell – 12 sets (I go light…like 10 lbs.)

Jump rope for 30 seconds between each set

CIRCUIT 2: Complete 4 sets

Leg Extensions – 28 reps (7 regular, 7 slow, 7 top half, 7 bottom half)

Hamstring Curls- 28 reps (7 regular, 7 slow, 7 top half, 7 bottom half)

Standing Calf Raises – 28 (7 regular, 7 slow, 7 top half, 7 bottom half)

5 Burpees between each set

Don’t forget to stretch after!

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Kate- A Copper Queen


Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday 9-6-17

Happy Workout Wednesday friends!  Feeling rested and refreshed after a long weekend?  Me neither.  Labor Day really isn’t about sitting around, watching the entire  series of Game of Thrones again.  It’s about being outside and soaking up every last bit of summer with friends and family.  Sooo, I guess I should say I hope you had some great BBQ, maybe a drink (or two) and stayed up too late.

I have posted one of my workouts from last week below for you after the holiday weekend where we all probably indulged more than we should.  That’s ok though.  I don’t feel guilty when it’s only occasionally.  Working out isn’t about punishing your body for what you ate.  It’s about pushing it and challenging what your body can do.  The workout below is a full body workout that I hope will get your blood moving, heart rate up and maybe even leave you a little sore the next day.  Have fun!

workout Wednesday:


Run/ Walk 3 miles

Complete each exercise in the circuit then repeat the circuit 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds before moving onto the next circuit.

Circuit 1:

Bench dumbbell flys– 15 reps
Lunges with dumbbells– 15 each leg
Seated Arnold Press– 15

Circuit 2:

Barbell Bench Press– 12 reps
Bent over dumbbell rows– 15 reps
Toe Raises (3 positions-toes parallel, toes in, heels together with toes out)- 15 each position

Circuit 3:

Bicycle– 30
Jack knife Crunches– 15
Tricep Dips– 15

Please let me know what you think of my Workout Wednesday and what else you would like to see on here.

Kate- A Copper Queen

Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: 8-23-17

Happy hump day!  Are you ready to for another Workout Wednesday?  Last weekend was a little rough for me as far as diet and exercise.  We had my sister’s engagement party and I definitely ate too much sugar.  We decided not to have it catered and mad the food for 60 people!  I was so busy cooking that I did not have any time to go workout.  Soooo, I wanted to get back into this week and back on track.

I know I struggle with feelings of diet guilt after a weekend like I had.  I try to remind myself that its ok to not be perfect on occasion and enjoy life.  Those few extra pounds we may have or that little jiggle in your belly are the fun times you had with friends and family.  Spend time with people you have fun with, enjoy yourself, don’t go overboard, and get back on track starting with the next meal.   As long as you are trying to eat well 95% of the time, changes with happen and it will get easier.

This was my workout from yesterday. I wanted to hit every muscle group just a little. If you want an extra challenge and to keep your heart rate elevated, throw in a minute of jump rope between each circuit.


Cardio:  Run/ Walk 30 mins

Circuit 1:

Complete each exercise then repeat circuit 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds

Barbell Squats (modification: bodyweight squats)- 15

Wide Grip Pulldown– 15

Dumbbell Curls -15

Circuit 2:


Stiff Leg Dead Lift-15

Seated Cable Row – 15

Rope Tricep Cable Pulldowns– 15

Circuit 3:


Incline Bench Press– 15

Bench Tuck Ups– 15

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press– 15

Do you ever have diet guilt?  How do you deal with it?  Let me know what you think of these workouts so far!

Kate- A Copper Queen