Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday 11-1-17

Happy day after Halloween!  How’s your sugar headache?  Hopefully you were able to refrain from too much candy.  We only had two, yes two, trick-or-treaters this year so we have way too much sweet stuff sitting around the house.   We actually just threw away some candy from last year!  I guess my sweet tooth can’t  be that bad if candy has lasted the entire year without getting eaten.

This week I have changed up my normal full body workouts to muscle specific.  I really wanted to focus on the muscle groups because I feel like I have been a little lazy at the gym lately.  My favorite workout was this leg workout.  It definitely challenged me and left me a little sore.  You know it was a good leg workout when sitting on the toilet is a struggle!  Enjoy you workout!


5 min walk to warmup

Walk at 3.5 mph at 7-10% incline for 20 minutes.

5 min walk to cool down

Circuit 1:  Complete 4 sets

Front Squats with Dumbbells – 12 reps.

Rear Lunges with Dumbbells – 12 sets each leg.

Sumo Squats with Dumbbell – 12 sets (I go light…like 10 lbs.)

Jump rope for 30 seconds between each set

CIRCUIT 2: Complete 4 sets

Leg Extensions – 28 reps (7 regular, 7 slow, 7 top half, 7 bottom half)

Hamstring Curls- 28 reps (7 regular, 7 slow, 7 top half, 7 bottom half)

Standing Calf Raises – 28 (7 regular, 7 slow, 7 top half, 7 bottom half)

5 Burpees between each set

Don’t forget to stretch after!

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