Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday 9-6-17

Happy Workout Wednesday friends!  Feeling rested and refreshed after a long weekend?  Me neither.  Labor Day really isn’t about sitting around, watching the entire  series of Game of Thrones again.  It’s about being outside and soaking up every last bit of summer with friends and family.  Sooo, I guess I should say I hope you had some great BBQ, maybe a drink (or two) and stayed up too late.

I have posted one of my workouts from last week below for you after the holiday weekend where we all probably indulged more than we should.  That’s ok though.  I don’t feel guilty when it’s only occasionally.  Working out isn’t about punishing your body for what you ate.  It’s about pushing it and challenging what your body can do.  The workout below is a full body workout that I hope will get your blood moving, heart rate up and maybe even leave you a little sore the next day.  Have fun!

workout Wednesday:


Run/ Walk 3 miles

Complete each exercise in the circuit then repeat the circuit 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds before moving onto the next circuit.

Circuit 1:

Bench dumbbell flys– 15 reps
Lunges with dumbbells– 15 each leg
Seated Arnold Press– 15

Circuit 2:

Barbell Bench Press– 12 reps
Bent over dumbbell rows– 15 reps
Toe Raises (3 positions-toes parallel, toes in, heels together with toes out)- 15 each position

Circuit 3:

Bicycle– 30
Jack knife Crunches– 15
Tricep Dips– 15

Please let me know what you think of my Workout Wednesday and what else you would like to see on here.

Kate- A Copper Queen

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