Lightweight Sweater and Peep Toe Mules

Lightweight Sweater and Peep Toe Mules

Lightweight Sweater and Peep-Toe Mules

Lightweight sweater and Peep toe mules

I wore this basic outfit a few weeks ago when I was visiting my parents in the mountains.  Even though its warm in Denver, sometimes I need to dress a little warmer when heading up in elevation.  I tend to always be cold and am guilty of  wearing long underwear under my scrubs in the winter!  I love this sweater because it is light enough for the spring but still gives me that extra layer.  The  pastel pink is also a color I am loving right now.  I have never been one to gravitate towards pink but this color is perfect for the warmer months.

I also really like these new peep toe mules.  My closet is filling up with many nude colored shoes lately but they go with any outfit!  These mules are super comfy and easy to walk in (a must when I choose heels) and are easy to just slip on and go!  I talked about how I love block heels in this post a few weeks ago.

Thanks for reading!  I plan on having some yummy recipes soon so stay tuned.  Happy Thursday!

Kate- A Copper Queen

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