Ready for Spring Dresses

With Easter around the corner, I am feeling excited and want to break out all my flowy dresses that have been locked away in closet.  It’s like I can hear them saying “wear me!”  However, with the foot of snow that blanketed the city just a few days ago, and the storm that is supposed to start tonight, they will be spending a few more days in the darkness of my closet, next to my strappy heels and floppy hats.  Even though Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring this year, it doesn’t seem to apply here in Denver.

Floral prints are great year round for events like baby and bridal showers, graduations and weddings.  I like to pair these dresses with a long sleeve cardigan sweater in a coordinating color and strappy sandal.  I have picked some of my favorites right now and many of them are on sale!

Spring Dresses

Ready for Spring Dresses

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/ Five/ Six/ Seven

Eight/ Nine


Hope you all enjoy your Friday!


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