Restoration Hardware Bedroom on a Budget

Restoration Hardware Bedroom on a Budget

If you’re like me, you have walked into Restoration Hardware and have immediately wished you had a higher credit limit on your credit card.  I love the designs of this place.  They are modern but still feel warm and inviting.  Every room in their showroom has soothing, neutral colors and the soft textiles.  It just makes you want to  curl up on the beautiful, tufted couch with a cup of hot tea and the latest edition of Vogue (just kidding… I don’t read Vogue). However, my budget doesn’t allow me to take home even one piece.

When it comes to power tools, I am not  too handy.  I am sure I could save some more money by thrift shopping, sanding, sawing, and painting, but I would rather bring home ready pieces.  I love design and would love to have my house look like the front page of their catalog.  Here are  some items that you can use to create your own bedroom that will keep your budget in check…and not having to beg your credit card company to raise your limit!

Restoration Hardware Bedroom on a Budget- A Copper Queen


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