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This is all very new to me.  I have always loved scrolling through blogs, finding new fashion tips, trying new recipes and taking new exercises to the gym, but had never really thought about starting my own blog.  It wasn’t until I was at work with my new co-worker and we started talking about how we spent our days away from the hospital.  She is married with a two-year old little boy and she talked about all the fun activities they do together.  She asked me what I like to do and for a second, I had trouble answering.  I feel like I spend my days off running errands, and doing laundry…boring right.  The more we talked, the more realized that there are many “hobbies” I have.  She even said to me “Jeez! What don’t you do!?”  I had never really thought about it, but I really do have a lot of interests.  For the last couple weeks, I have been thinking about  starting a blog for several reasons.  I have always been a list writer.  I’m sure my fiancé gets annoyed with my many list I always have spread throughout the house. I have lists for groceries, to-do, budgets, movies I want to see, etc.  I guess I feel like it keeps me organized and I don’t have to remember everything.  I feel like this blog will act as a list of my life and interests.  I hope that my blog will interest people and I will definitely take suggestions on topics.

More about me… I am a registered nurse and work on an ICU step down unit.  I love what I do and thankful I have the skills and knowledge to help people at some of the worst times in their lives.  I live in Denver with my amazing fiancé and definitely take advantage of the beautiful outdoors this state has to offer.  We enjoy spending the winters on the slopes and the summers hiking, dirt biking and camping.  We try to stay healthy and love trying new workouts and new recipes.  I enjoy decorating our home (within a budget), finding new fashions (also within a budget…I only make a nurses salary!), trying new makeup and beauty products, and finding DIY projects.  We are getting married in July and am really having a fun time being creative to plan our destination wedding.

On that note, It is leg day and I need to head to the gym.  I plan on posting my workouts since I enjoy reading workouts from others and hope people will gain inspiration and motivation from them.

Any questions or comments are much appreciated and I would live to hear from all of you!  Happy Friday!

Much Love,

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